Tag: Single Review: Left Vessel Please Don’t Stop


Nick Bryon Campbell is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer, who has played in a number of local bands and has material placed in a number of award-winning indie films and in TV shows like Gossip GirlGreekThe Flash and others. Some time ago, he began experimenting with sound art, making music from nature and exhibiting his work in galleries across the US. With his solo recording project Left Vessel, he has adapted the idea of combining nature with music.

His latest Left Vessel single, the dreamy  “Please Don’t Stop” is a shimmering and gorgeous track that centered around an arrangement of strummed acoustic guitar, drums, twinkling piano, Campbell’s plaintive falsetto and a soaring hook that manages to channel Mazzy Star and 70s AM rock as it reveals a similar, deliberate attention to craft. But interestingly enough, the song as Campbell admits has a dual meaning as it’s one part bitterly ironic and one part a deeply contented sigh: initially, the song’s chorus was started as joke lyric, that he once used to sing to his ex-wife; but the line took a deeper and vibrantly charged meeting when he remarried and his his first child.