Tag: Single Review: The C.I.A. Inhale Exhale

New Audio: The C.I.A. Share Abrasive Ripper “Inhale Exhale”

The C.I.A. are a new indie all-star trio featuring Denée and Ty Segall and Emmett Kelly. Their latest album Surgery Channel is slated for a January 20, 2022 release through In The Red was written last year and was recorded with Mike Kriebel at Ty Segall’s Harmonizer Studios. The album is reportedly is an astute observation and blunt critique — both inward and outward. It’s also an exploration into how harshly intimate that process can be.

Surgery Channel also sees the band crafting an electrified, pulsating, metallic playpen that will get listeners strutting and moving. Essentially, the album shows punks a new way to move while remaining loyal to the punk traditions of catharsis and social commentary.

Surgery Channel‘s second and latest single “Inhale Exhale” is centered around buzzing and slashing guitars, skittering beats and rattling thump, electronic pulse and Denée’s punchy shouting. Seemingly meshing elements of industrial electronica, classic punk and old school hip-hop, “Inhale Exhale” is confrontational and abrasive yet accessible — and mosh pit friendly.