Tag: Single Review: You

G. Know is an up-and-coming San Diego, CA-based producer, who began producing when he had turned 17. Influenced by artists like Flume, Medasin and Rustie, G. Know delved into sampling vinyl and drumbreaks on an MPC; but over the last few years, the San Diego-based producer has received attention for a sound that he feels aligns with his love of emotional bass music, which has resulted in the release of his debut EP Left Brain and a series of follow-up singles, including a reworking of French house music act, Stardust’s classic “Music Sounds Better With You,” that he has titled “YOU.” as G. Know explains in press notes “‘You’ is my little interpretation of the classic tune ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ by Stardust. This tune gave me heavy feels from a young age and I always wanted to flip it into something a little more relevant. For nostalgia’s sake I kept the vocal the same while adding some fun wobbly synths and a thick sub to convey a deeper emotion than the original and wrapped it up with a funky jersey club style breakdown. ”

The result is a stomping club banger with stuttering drum programming, wobbling synths and tweeter and woofer rocking low-end that swoons with an urgent Romanticism.


Brika is a Miami, FL-based pop artist, who initially received attention across the blogosphere and this site for an electro pop sound that possessed elements of trip-hop, jazz and several other genres, a slow-burning, neo-soul leaning reworking of Shaggy‘s “It Wasn’t Me” and her debut effort Voice Memos. And although it’s been about a year since I’ve last written about her, the Miami-based artist has been pretty busy; in fact, she went into the studio with producer Julio Reyes Copello to record new material, including her latest single “You,” a summer rooftop party evoking single that pairs Coppello’s sleek and modern production consisting of a stuttering synths, finger snap-led percussion, boom-bap beats and a funky bass line with Brika’s sultry and self-assured vocals — but while expressing desire, lust, longing and a surprising devotion with her signature old school, jazz-like phrasing. Based on this single, Brika’s forthcoming new material may reveal a decided expansion of the sound that first caught the attention of the blogosphere and this site.