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Comprised of Morgan Fox, Andrew Garcia and Kenneth Draper, the Sacramento, CA-based noise rock trio So Stressed initially began as a largely improvisational noise project. And although it took two-and-a-half years to write and record, the trio’s 2015 full-length debut The Unlawful Trade of Greco-Roman Art had material which took on a harsh, cold and digital-based sound, as the band’s Morgan Fox explained in press notes. The band’s highly-anticipated sophomore effort Please Let Me Know will come on the heels of a recently released 7 inch though Ghost Ramp Records, and unlike their debut, the material on their sophomore effort was written in less than a year, and was quickly recorded, mixes and mastered by their friend Pat Hillis at Earth Tone Studio.

As Morgan Fox goes on to explain in press notes “As far as making the record, we were definitely less focused on a specific sound when we were writing this . . . This one pretty harsh too, but we also allowed ourselves to kind of do whatever we wanted as long as all three of us liked it and it was fun to play. Ugly noise is cool, but so is melody.” Interestingly, Please Let Me Know‘s first single “The King’s Wig” is a blistering and furious barnburner, complete with rapid-fire tempo changes, howled and shouted vocals — and sonically the songs is reminiscent of Cinemechanica‘s equally blistering self-titled album while possessing a bit of ache at its core.