Tag: The Joy of Violent Movement: New Audio: Athens-based Indie Act Telemarket Releases a Fuzzy “120 Minutes”-like Single

Although their name to many of us may recall the obnoxious and announced telemarketing call, the Athens, GA-based act Telemarket conceptualized their name from a conjured and mesmerizing vision reminiscent of the sound they’ve developed — a sort of marketplace of noises, delivered from afar over muted and hazy signals all twisting and tumbling into a pulsing mass of indie rock energy with melodies driftingly vaguely out of chugging power chords.

Inspired by that vision, Adam Wayton (vocals, guitar) formed the Athens-based indie rock act with his University of Georgia Music Business program classmates Hunter Pinkston (bass,  guitar) and Jack Colclough (drums) in 2017. By the following year, the trio wrote and recorded their debut EP, What’s Behind You, a five song effort released through Wayton’s and Pinkston’s Avenue Noise and Sound.

Since the release of their debut EP, the band added Will Anderson (organ, synths) and enlisted the help of Will Wise, who produced their soon-to-be released sophomore EP You deserve a hard day’s work after a long night’s rest. Interestingly, the EP’s latest single is the fuzzy and gauzy, 120 Minutes alt rock-like “Woke Up on Time.” Centered by an infectious hook and some clear-eyed lyricism, the song manages to evoke the half-remembered and hazy feeling of waking up in the morning and having to rush out to work.