Tag: The Joy of Violent Movement: Single Review: New Boy

Initially featuring Eli Hansen, who has been a member of Cozy, Boys Club and Retainers (vocals, guitar); John Eggerman, who has been a member of Cozy, Private interests and Mystery Date (bass); James Blackfield, who has been a number of France Camp and Nice Purse (drums)  Minneapolis, MN-based indie rock band Real Numbers developed a reputation for a DIY simplicity with the release of two 12 inch EPs through Three Dimensional Records, a single through Florida’s Dying and cassettes released through Forged Artifacts and No Problem. Wanting a much more layered sound, the band recruited Ian Nygaard, who’s been a member of Nice Purse and Howler (guitar) to further flesh out the band’s sound for the recording sessions that resulted in the band’s long-awaited full-length debut Wordless Wonder, an effort that renowned indie label Slumberland Records will be releasing on October 14, 2016.

Wordless Wonder‘s latest single “New Boy” consists of a much more layered, Wall of Sound like production, which is a departure from the live band-leaning sound of their previous releases. “We wanted something different than previous releases which had a very ‘live’ production,” the band’s Eli Hansen explains in press notes. This was largely accomplished by doubling most rhythm tracks, stacking lead tracks and on a few songs, the addition of a 12-string acoustic guitar, which has reportedly become Hansen’s new favorite instrument.  And you’ll hear that new approach on the jangling and anthemic “New Boy,” a single that nods at 60s garage rock and The Smiths as the song swoons with an urgent and plaintive Romanticism.