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Comprised of Tom Barr (vocals, guitar), Lachlan Banner (drums), Matt Pownall (guitar, vocals) and Stanley Braddock (bass, vocals), the Leeds, UK-based quartet Party Hardy can trace their origins to when the band’s founder Tom Barr came up with the idea of the band at his house with his buddies Banner, Pownall and Braddock las year. And within their first year together as a band, the British quartet have quickly developed, refined and developed a sound that locals have dubbed as “Blur meets surf rock with a bit of Beach Boys shoved up its arse.” Along with that, the band has also developed a growing reputation for their live set, as they’ve opened for the likes of Trudy & The Romance, Mouses, Bruising, Diet Cig, Cowtown, INHEAVEN and The Magic Gang, among others.

2017 has been a big year for the band as they’ve released two attention grabbing singles “Friendly Feeling” and “Jobs,” which have quickly helped add the band to a growing list of Leeds-based bands receiving attention across the blogosphere, and with the release of their third and latest single of the year, “Mindchanger,” you’ll see why, as the band specializes in walking the tightrope between dreamy and shimmering guitar pop and explosive, power chord-based, anthemic rock, complete with a shout worthy, mosh pit friendly chorus.  Interestingly, as the band explains in press notes “‘Mindchanger’ is an ode to the experiences felt by the parents of the youth of yesterday, Played out through the perspective of a parent struggling with the difficult nature of an anxty (sic) teen, the song takes the listener through a journey of their own personal past, with a new meaning easily discovered upon each listen.”





Comprised of Daniel Longmore (vocals, guitar), Tom Barton (bass), Evan Martin (guitar) and Bradley Weston (drums), the Chesterfield, UK-based indie rock quartet TRASH have quickly developed a reputation for a shimmering dream pop sound that has been compared favorably to the likes of The Magic Gang, The Night Cafe, Yuck and others — although on a certain level, their sound also manages to nod at The Smiths and the classic, 4AD Records sound of the early 80s. Along with that, the Chesterfield-based quartet has developed a reputation for their live set, having already opened for Clean Cut Kid, RATBOY and Splassh, as well as recent appearances at Tramlines and Y Not Festival.

The up-and-coming British quartet’s self-titled EP is slated for release next month and the  EP’s second single “81” will further cement the act’s growing reputation for crafting shimmering and anthemic dream pop/guitar pop with a wistful yet summery vibe; however, as the band mentions in press notes, the song has a cautionary message.   “When you’re 81 and you’ve had no fun it’s gonna be too late,” the band explains. “Most of the songs on this EP are messages to myself. This message is simple: you’re not gonna be around forever so make every second count. Please fulfil life, take a risk, have experiences, laugh a lot and try to worry as little as possible.”