Afro-Punk Festival Day 2: 8/26/12 featuring Flatbush Zombies, Gordon Voidwell, Reggie Watts, Toro Y Moi, Janelle Monae and TV on the Radio

The second day of the Afro-Punk Festival back in August was incredible as it featured Flatbush Zombies, Gordon Voidwell, Toro Y Moi, Janelle Monae, and festival headliners TV on the Radio. 

I was impressed the most by Flatbush Zombie’s set – as rappers they share something similar to Ninjasonik, in the sense that they sound unlike most contemporary rappers on your mainstream super-conglomerate radio station. And the energy of their set was incredible. As you’ll see from some of the photos, an entire skate park turned into a gloriously rowdy mosh pit. It was probably the second rowdiest bunch of moshers I had seen the entire festival. None of that was very surprising since the Zombies’ sound had a stomping, sneering swagger. 

Thanks to some issues with credentials and having to spend the better part of an hour to resolve them, I wound up catching about half of Gordon Voidwell’s set, which was actually quite a shame because Voidwell is a lot of fun live – he’s flamboyant, irreverent and entertaining. 

Reggie Watts performed a set of comedy and music. I was actually impressed by his voice which is quite pleasant. 

Toro Y Moi and Sinkane have a little bit in common to me – some smooth funk played with a cool, self assuredness.

Janelle Monae is a must see. Much like her counterpart Erykah Badu, she’s a larger than life personality and she’s a pleasure to shoot because she’s incredibly photogenic. I suspect that part of her appeal is the slight bit of androgyny. Her music describes a sci-fi world of robots and other things while possessing the appearance of 1950s soul singer. But the point is that as a performer, she controls the stage. You can’t ignore her, nor can you ignore her band. 

And of course, it was the second time that I caught headliner TV on the Radio in the past month and they were reliably amazing. 

Skaters shredding it at the skate park. 

Flatbush Zombies

There was a lot of weed smoking and I suspect that i may have caught a contact high. If the photo is any indication, I was literally on top of the group. 

Gordon Voidwell

Some great artwork by local graffiti artists. Check out the level of detail on some of this work. 

I somehow missed who this band was and if anyone was at Afro-Punk and they know who this bad was, please let me know. 

Reggie Watts

The motorcycle show was a popular part of the festival. This woman was one of many folks displaying their bikes. 

Toro Y Moi

I had seen the man on the left a couple of times during the second day of the festival, and the blonde woman on the right should be familiar as she was one of the dancers during Supersonics set.

Janelle Monae

Pharrell Williams had a glowing introduction of the great Janelle Monae.

TV on the Radio
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