After releasing three successful and well-recieved albums and concerts all over the world, Carmen Souza has become an important figure in modern Cape Verdean music. In fact, Souza and her music have developed a reputation for being eclectic. Her forthcoming album, which continues a successful collaboration with bassist and arranger Theo Pascal, Kachupada is named after her country’s most famous dish, a dish known for it’s wide variety of influences and spices. On this sampler from the album which will see an June 11th release, you’ll hear obvious Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean influences – through the use of complex polyrhythms; you’ll clearly hear some European influences through the use of accordion on “Vida facil/Easy Life.” Souza’s voice floats and darts about the melodies in a way that’s charmingly beguiling. She can scat or do anything and it simply sounds like the most gorgeous thing you’ll hear in your life.

Hearing this particular sampler makes me think of summer, of beaches and it just makes me feel happy deep in my soul. I think you will too.