After the release of Zeros, The Soft Moon’s sophomore effort, Luis Vasquez, its creative mastermind had claimed that the effort would be the last Soft Moon album as a solo artist. However, after Vasquez relocated to Venice, he had a change of heart. Alone as a stranger in completely foreign surroundings, Vasquez retreated deeper within himself, and he realized that his project was meant to be a solo project. 

Deeper, Vasquez’s third and forthcoming Soft Moon effort takes a much different approach than his previous effort. Whereas Zeros was written on the road, Deeper was deeply influenced by the experience of total solitude and is naturally informed by the experience of living alone, in foreign surroundings and without anyone to fall back on. And as you’ll hear on “Black,"the first single from Deeperthe effort may arguably be the most visceral and most emotional album he has written. The track pairs relentless and droning synths, mechanized industrial beats with Vasquez’s breathy vocals and when I’ve heard it, it evokes a very Kafka-esque sensation: of a man being pummeled by an unfeeling, unresponsive system – or a man helplessly drowning within his own isolation and loneliness. It’s an urgent, desperate, existential howl into the void.