American born, Swedish artist Mapei broke big Stateside with the release of her debut The Cocoa Butter Diaries four years ago. “Don’t Wait” is the first recorded material from Mapei in some time, and the single  displays some inventive genre bending – in particular, you’ll hear electro pop, pop, folk music and modern R&B. Sonically, the track employs the use of snapping fingers as percussion, strummed acoustic guitar and eerily swirling electronics to emphasize Mapei’s lyrics (which describe the profound and supportive love that ultimately any one of us would long for). 

Interestingly, some of my fellow critics have compared Mapei to the likes of Santigold and Rye Rye, and on a certain level I think they’re way off base – Santigold i can kind of understand; however Rye Rye is something I can’t quite fathom. I’ve seen Rye Rye live, and I don’t think she has the vocal chops or the talent. Nor do either Rye Rye’s or Santigold’s material have the pop sensibility that Mapei’s material possesses. When I hear Mapei, I think of the contemporary pop on the radio right now – but edgier and more experimental. Sonically, at least I think of Missy Elliott’s work with Timbaland.