Amulet Records will be releasinga new archival compilation by the John Lurie National Orchestra, The Invention of Animals. The compilation assembles seven previously unreleased live and out-of-print studio recordings by the acclaimed musician, actor and visual artist John Lurie and his 1990s trio, which included percussionists Billy Martin (now of Medeski, Martin and Wood) and G. Calvin Weston – essentially a collection of Downtown Manhattan All-Stars. The first single “Flutter” is one of four singles pulled from Lurie’s 1991 TV show. Fishing WIth John. Punctuated with a subtle African percussion, Lurie’s saxophone actually sounds as though it’s doing much like the song’s title, fluttering through Martin’s and Weston’s percussion work. (Interestingly, the track sounds as though it owes a debt to A Love Supreme-era John Coltrane.)