Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Yankees 4/18/13

Last Thursday, I was at the Stadium for an inteleague matchup between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Yanks. And although, I think interleague play is one of the stupidest and most pointless things imaginable, i had a good time – that is until the top of the 12th when the Diamondbacks took the lead for good. 

So far, the season record with me at the Stadium  0-1. Ugh. Photos from the game are below:

The Brooklyn NetsBrook Lopez throwing out the ceremonial first pitch efore the start of the game.

Vernon Wells hitting second? Sure, okay if you say so. 

This was at a very controversial and critical point of the game. The umpires ruled that this swing broke the plane of the plate, and was a strikeout with the bases loaded. But i don’t think Robinson Cano’s wrists even broke the plane.

At this point, I had moved down and was standing behind the 100 section, near Gate 8. 

Outside of the Stadium. It’s hard to tell from the angle of the photo, but a thick cloud of fog and misty rain is just above. 

For these photos and more, check out the Flickr set here: