As a child I grew up listening to quite a bit of disco and funk – Donna Summer was considered a goddess in my house, and Parliament Funkadelic, the ministers of funk. So when I hear the 17 member outfit Escort, it brings a lot of memories of those old records. We’re talking about dance songs that have complex arrangements and composers behind them. Their latest single “Barbarians” continues their reputation for bringing a new spin to old school disco, and their vocalist Adeline Michele is a breakout star. But if there’s one difference it’s the fact that the track feels much looser, more playful than some of their previous material. 

The band is starting off an international tour at the Music Hall of Williamsburg with stops in Toronto, ON; Chicago, IL; Portugal; Vienna Austria; and a few others. I’ve saw them for their Halloween show with St. Lucia, and if you dig dance music, they’re a must see.