As many of you know, The Joy of Violent Movement is a mostly one man operation run out of my apartment while I have a full-time job in midtown Manhattan. And as I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions, I receive an ever-increasing amount of emails from bands, publicists, record labels, band managers and on occasion random folks suggested bands from all over the world. 

I recently received an email from a member of a band by the name of IYES telling me about a UK-based collective Whispering Knights, which he had described as “alternative folky indie stuff.” He went on to say that although it wasn’t really his scene or cup of tea, he admired the songwriting and found the vocals really intriguing. Boy, was he ever right. 

The somewhat mysterious band released an EP with the original title of EP. The EP’s first single “Rolled On By” has a twangy, Western-inspired feel that makes the song seem old-timey while reminding me a little bit of Husky’s gorgeous Forever So; in fact, much like the material on Forever So. “Rolled On By” has lyrics that reveal a novelist’s attention to detail. “Sparrow Song” is probably one of the prettiest songs on the EP and one of the prettiest songs I’ve heard in some time and it reminds me quite a bit of the cinematic soundscapes that the Los Angeles, CA-based The Lonely Wild would create. “Night Grows” has a wistful, autumnal feel that evokes a melancholy nostalgia; we’re getting older, time is going by faster, and there’s nothing can be done. Somehow, the EP reminded me of cool, fall nights drinking beer and reminiscing over things that have passed and feeling simultaneously grateful and profoundly sad.