Audio Interview: A Q&A with Los Angeles-Based Indie Rock Sensation, Smoke Season

Featuring Gabrielle Wortman (vocals, keyboards) and Jason Rosen (guitars, backing vocals), the Los Angeles-based (by way of New York) duo Smoke Season have steadily built up both a local and national profile for a unique and atmospheric take on Americana that features the duo’s harmonies and the use of electronic production techniques since their formation in early 2013.

Last year was a breakthrough year for the duo of Wortman and Rosen as they received breathless praise from local music writers and bloggers after a lengthy residency at the renowned Echoplex. And their sophomore effort Hot Coals Cold Souls was featured on two Spotify playlists, which resulted in over 500,00 plays in a month; since then, the band can claim a growing international profile as they’ve received over 3,000,000 plays. And that shouldn’t be surprising as the Cold Souls draws from a wider array of influences than their debut, including country, R&B, electro pop, chillwave and others.

I recently spoke on the phone with Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen about Hot Coals Cold Souls, their influences, their songwriting process, their live show, their background in film scoring, the videos for “Bees,” “Badlands,” and “Opaque” and more.

Since I mentioned, it check out the videos for “Bees,” “Bandlands” and “Opaque” below.

Smoke Season ‘Badlands’ from Smoke Season on Vimeo.

The “Hot Coals | Cold Souls EP” will be available everywhere July 29, 2014.

Written by Smoke Season
Produced by David Burris and Kyle Draper
[Available for download at

Video Credits:
Directed by Scott Fleishman
Produced by APLUSFILMZ
Director of Photography: Garrett Williams
Featuring Davi Santos
Styled by Zoe Zhou

Music Video by Smoke Season (c) 2014