Based in Copenhagen, DenmarkLust for Youth originally started out as the solo project of Hannes Norvide. And his solo releases have been described as “dark, cold atonal lonely, tormented” and even “lower than lo fi.” However, with the addition of longtime collaborator Loke Rahbek and newest member producer and guitarist Malthe Fischer, Lust for Youth’s forthcoming album International is a deliberate and radical change in sonic direction. Propelled by ethereal synths and extremely precise drum programming, Whereas “Illume,” the first single off the forthcoming album bore an uncanny resemblance to early Depeche Modethe Pet Shop Boys and New Order both sonically and lyrically, “Armida” is much more pop-orientated. In fact, in some way it bears a slight resemblance to Yaz and even Class Actress, thanks to the larger, pulsating synths – although the vocals are cooed in a seductive fashion.