Born and raised in Washington DC, and now located in Brooklyn (much like countless other musicians these days), singer/songwriter Nick Hakim grew up in a household similar to mine – a household that emphasized musical diversity. in fact, Hakim grew up listening to soul, hip-hop, go-go (the DC area’s smooth as silk funk), folk music, and countless others. So it shouldn’t be surprising that early in his career, Hakim’s sound is heavily influenced by what he heard as a child – and as a result, his sound manages to effortlessly mesh and play with genre boundaries. In fact, the release of his Where Will We Go Part 1 a few months ago put Hakim on the map for a sound that managed to owe a great debt to old school soul, the blues and to the troubadour tradition, while sounding dusty and spectral. “Lift Me Up” the first single form the forthcoming Where Will We Go Part 2 manages to owe a spiritual debt to the preceding album with some subtle differences – in this case, the song is sparsely arranged with Hakim’s vocals and his own accompaniment on piano but it manages to feel haunting and achingly sad with a soul-bearing intimacy. 

In some way, the song evokes desperately lonely nights of whiskey and cigarettes, endlessly replaying all the things that went horribly wrong and wondering if there was some way to do it over again and get it right; of the ghosts of our lives lingering and taunting – until and only until you recognize that they’re lifeless and will dissipate in time.