Brooklyn-based electronic music artist and producer Figgy exploded out into the larger electronic music scene with the release of two EPs released through Freshmore Records and Symbols Records, which combined elements of house, garage and R&B. In fact, his previous EP, The One hit the top 10 on Beatport’s House chart and received critical praise across the blogosphere. Also, adding to his success Figgy has released several singles, which were EDM hits, including “Can’t Hide” which was on the top 3 over at Hype Machine. 

“You Were Mine” the first single off Figgy’s forthcoming EP further cements the producer’s reputation for crafting slickly produced dance music, which owes a great debt to old school house and R&B. Expect seductively crooned vocals, layers of cascading synths, hand-clapped led percussion and mathematically precise drum programming – all while remaining deeply soulful.