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New Video: The 80s Inspired Visuals and Sounds of Finland’s Beverly Girl

With the release of “Contagious” Finnish trio Beverly Girl have started to receive a bit of attention internationally for an electro pop/funk/R&B/freestyle sound that immediately channels nostalgic memories of the 80s — while simultaneously comparing quite favorably to a number of contemporary artists including Rush Midnight, St. Lucia, Dam-Funk and others but incredibly club friendly. Or simply put, a sleek production consisting of sinuous bass lines, shimmering cascades of synths and propulsive boom-bap drums are paired with sultry vocals and a ridiculously infectious hook


Live Footage: Oakland, CA-based Duo Introflirt Return With Another Dark, 80s Inspired Electro Pop Song

Introflirt’s latest single “Orange Light” has them pairing undulating and cascading layers of synths and propulsive drum programming with Benjamin’s crooning and sonically, the song sounds indebted to 80s synth pop — in particular, Depeche Mode, The Human League and New Order but with a modern production sheen. And much like their previously released singles, the duo’s material thematically speaking the song focuses on the fractured psyche of its narrator, a narrator, who seems plagued by an overwhelming sensation of disappointment and frustration, repressed feelings and desires finally bursting out at an inopportune time.

New Video: The Dramatic Visuals for Oh, Pep!’s “Doctor Doctor”

This year may arguably be one of the biggest years to date for Oh, Pep! as their much-anticipated full-length debut Stadium Cake is slated for release next month through Dualtone Records. Recorded and produced by renowned Canadian producer Daniel Ledwell in Echo Lake, Nova Scotia last August, the album reportedly has the duo expanding upon the songwriting approach and sound that first won them national and international attention — namely the duo’s ability to subtly mesh lightness and darkness within their material. The album’s first single “Doctor Doctor” has the band pairing stuttering cascades of synths, propulsive boom bap drums with Hally and Emmerich’s ethereal and sultry vocals singing lyrics focusing on a narrator that is not only suffering through self-doubt and indecision but someone who from their own foolishness has found themselves forced to make one of the most difficult life-altering decisions of their entire life — in the case of the video, the song’s narrator discovers that she’s pregnant. And her decision not only impacts her life but the life of her partner — although to be fair, the bulk of impact will be on her. Of course the video reflects the palpable sense of tension within the song as you’ll see the fear and uncertainty on the faces of both of the video’s central pair.

New Video: The Surreal 70s and 80s Found Footage-based Visuals for DBFC’s “Automatic”

Comprised of its frontmen Manchester, UK-born and Paris-based David Shaw and Paris-born and based Dombrance, along with Guilluame Rosel (percussion) and Victor Paillet (bass), the Paris-based electronic music collective DBFC emerged onto the French electronic music scene with the release […]

New Video: The Blaxploitation Channeling Visuals for Homeboy Sandman’s “Nonbelievers” Video

Homeboy Sandman’s latest single “Nonbelievers” which pairs the Boy Sand’s ridiculously playful rhyme schemes with a hip-hop golden age-leaning production consisting of a looped, slinky guitar line and a propulsive rhythm section of stuttering drum programming and a rolling and swaying bass line. But just underneath the surface is an equally playful sensuality as the New York emcee talks about being in love with what may be one of the more interesting women in the entire world.

The recently released music video for “Nonbelievers” plays with some of themes and motifs of Pam Grier’s most beloved Blaxploitation films while subtly suggesting that the entire time the New York-based emcee was having an extremely vivid dream — or maybe not.

New Video: The Gorgeous, Surreal and Ancient Mythology-based Visuals for Dengue Dengue Dengue’s “Guarida”

With the release of their critically acclaimed full-length debut La Allianza Profana and its follow-up, Serpiente Dorada through Enchufada Records, Peruvian electronic duo Dengue Dengue Dengue quickly received international attention for a sound that possessed elements of traditional […]