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New Video: The Mischievously Post-Modern Sounds and Visuals of NVDES’ “The Other Side”

Formed by its creative mastermind, producer and performer Josh Ocean and featuring a number of collaborators and friends, NVDES is a collective whose sound and aesthetic are informed by New Wave, New York’s No Wave […]


New Video: The Haunting Visuals and Sounds of Miserable’s “Stay Cold”

Although she’s perhaps best known as the frontwoman in Bay Area-based band King Woman, Kristina Esfandiari‘s solo side project Miserable with the release of two EP’s Halloween Dream and Dog Days has developed a reputation for a evocative and wistful brand of moody shoegaze […]

New Video: Studio-based Video Introduces South Korean Experimental Band Jambinai to American Audiences

With the release of their 2010 self-titled EP and their 2012 full-length debut Differance, South Korean trio Jambinai, comprised of   Bongi Kim (haegum — a Korean fiddle-like instrument), Ilwoo Lee (guitar and piri — a Korean flute, made of […]

New Video: The Gorgeous, Surreal and Absolutely Insane Visuals for Doomsquad’s “Pyramids on Mars”

Comprised of  siblings Allie, Jaclyn and Trevor Blumas, Toronto, ON/Montreal, QC-based electro pop act Doomsquad initially began as an acoustic-leaning folk act but with their shared admiration and love of electronic music, electronic dance music and electro pop, the […]

New Video: Check Out This Live Studio Footage of John Carpenter Performing “Distant Dream”

If you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the better part of the past year, the renowned director, screenwriter, producer, editor and composter John Carpenter has quickly become a mainstay artist after last year’s critically and commercially successful album […]