Comprised of siblings (and twins) Kier (vocals, guitar) and Brittany Griffiths (bass, vocals), Evan Van Reekum (guitar) and Ryan Grieve (drums), the Alberta-based quartet of Fist City initially formed in 2009 and developed a reputation through a series of singles released through a number of labels including Los Angeles-based Dead Beat, Victoria, BC-based La Ti Da Records and London-based Transgressive Records, which received praise across the blogosphere, as well as a couple of lengthy tours. 

Last year was a transitional year for the band, that included personal changes among the band members, the reissue of their debut album, It’s 1983, Grow Up! and the writing and recording of the material that would wind up comprising their sophomore effort, Everything Is A Mess, which was produced by Ben Greenberg (who has worked with The Men, Hubble and Uniform). Reportedly, the Canadian quartet’s forthcoming effort is deeply influence by The Wipers, Sonic Youth, the Flying Nun Records roster and John Waters films. And as you’ll hear on “Fuck Cops,” the album’s first single, the band has a purposely sleazy sound based around thundering drums, chugging guitars played through layers upon layers of feedback and shouted lyrics that captures a sentiment that many people have felt over the past few weeks – but with punk rock’s sneering and ironic desire to be as transgressive and as offensive as humanly possible while making a pertinent point about the evils of racially motivated policing strategies.