Coney Island Mermaid Day Parade

It’s taken a while to go through these photos and then to upload them as Flickr can be stubbornly frustrating – perhaps more so since they’ve done the various updates. But in any case, if there’s one thing that has begun to signify summer in New York as an adult, it’s the Coney Island Mermaid Day Parade. After all, how can you go wrong with the beach, beautiful people dressed up in elaborate costumes, beer and Nathan’s hot dogs? For me that seems pretty fucking solid. It’s worth pushing and shoving my way past slow moving crowds and cursing at anyone who dared to move to slowly – and the strange looks i get from people for being so impatient.  

Check out some pictures from the day.   

As a child I loved the New York Aquarium and it’s been so long since i’ve actually gone. At some point, I think I should, just to see sea lions (which are pretty hilarious animals in my book). 

This guy was dressed up as the captain of the ill-fated Italian ocean liner that capsized a few years ago. 

These family was precious. Seriously. You’ll see their little boy trailing slightly off to the left and of course, they had a baby in the stroller. 

Richard Nixon as a merman. Uhmmm sure. 

It’s the Ultimate Warrior! 

More cowbell!

I was standing next to a man who had joked that it was way too warm for the Polar Bear Club

Maybe I can borrow a from him? 

This was probably the funniest thing I came across all day – the Sole Train. And they managed to play the best music. 

I was standing with a couple of people including two other friends when this woman passed by with a muppet firmly attached to her breast, mimicking breastfeeding and we were all transfixed. in fact, we were all so transfixed that we spent 20 minutes listening her tell us that she had two children 6 years apart and fed both of them until they were 6. So she spent a total of 12 years of her life breastfeeding. She went on to claim that her breasts looked great because of all that breastfeeding. And when she left, we couldn’t believe that she breastfed her children until 6 – yes, 6. One more time, 6. I think we all saw it was the strangest thing we’ve probably ever heard and out of the group I think four of us were native New Yorkers. And i know that I’ve heard some outlandish things. But hey, Coney Island Mermaid Day Parade, right? 

For these photos and more from this afternoon on the boardwalk, check out the Flickr link here: