Deriving their name from a line in a Tom Waits song, the San Francisco, CA-based quartet Jet Trash continue the Bay Area’s long-held reputation for gritty garage-based rock with “Baby C’mon,” the first single off the band’s self-titled debut EP, which is slated for a July 14 release through Wiener Records, an imprint of renowned indie label, Burger Records

Sonically the song consists of blistering guitar lines, propulsive drumming, shouted and howled lyrics and a forceful guitar solo. And although the band’s sound channels garage and surf rock – it’s an absolute summer road trip song – it manages to have a subtle studio sheen, without erasing the raw, frenzied energy at the song’s core. It should make you want to jump around, play air guitar and lustily shout along thanks to the song’s anthemic hook.