Deriving their name from Blind Lake, a sci-fi novel written by Robert Charles Wilson, based in a small Minnesota town, where thanks to alien technology, scientists are able to follow the everyday lives of aliens on a distant planet, the duo of Boste, Sweden based duo of Blind Lake, comprised of Lotta Wenglén (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals) and Måns Wieslander (guitar, drums, bass, vocals) have been largely influence by the paranormal – in fact their forthcoming album, On Earth, largely concerns itself with the absolutely normal daily life events which remain inexplicable and utterly strange. Interestingly, both Wenglén and Wieslander are accomplished musicians in their own right Wenglén has an acclaimed solo career – her fourth solo album earned best of year accolades in her native Sweden, and she’s collaborated with Chip Taylor, and Nina Persson of The Cardigans. Additionally, Wenglén has toured with Whiskeytown and The Cave Singers with her previous projects – ba-ba-loo and The Lotta Wenglén Band. Wenglén’s collaborator in Blind Lake, Mans Wieslander has had a stint with an Australian punk band The Saints, and with his own band Elevator Adam, he’s toured with The Poises and Hoodoo Gurus

“Walk Beside Me,” On Earth’s latest single begins as an eerily atmospheric track comprised of Weislander and Wenglén’s plaintive harmonies, gently undulating synths and swirling electronics for the first minute and a half or so before the song turns into a shimmering dance pop song with a sinuous bass line, chiming percussion, cascading synths and strings. And yet despite its funky and danceable sound, the song is actually about something much more profound –the inevitable anger, grief and angst that comes when someone has lost a loved one way too soon, while emphasizing the fact that life will push you forward and that despite dark times, there’s always light somewhere. It’s a trippy, ethereal and slickly produced song that manages to have a much deeper message hidden within its funk – that’s a pretty rare thing.