DJ Sun has been an integral part of Houston, TX’s nightlife and live music scene, especially since his sound manages to bridge funk, soul, disco, old skool hip hop, and trip hop. He’s also been known for his Pacifica Radio show, Soular Grooves – but over the last few years, he had been spending time working in the studio on the material that wound up becoming his full-length debut, 100. The material on the album not only showcases DJ Sun’s use of samplers, it showcases him as a musician as he plays a Farfisa, Korg, Wurlitzer and Rhodes keyboards. And additionally, he showcases several Houston-based artists who lent their vocals to the project. 

“Heart Seed” featuring Leah Alvarez and Martin Perma of Antibalas is the first single from DJ Sun’s full-length debut. Complete with fluttering flutes, gentle keys, and ambient electronics, the track is super chill.