Formed in 2011, the Leeds, UK-based band China Rats released a debut EP, To Be Like I which was released by Once Upon a Time Records. The album quickly gained the attention of BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, and several other radio stations across Europe. The band is set for a Stateside debut in 2013, which will include a SXSW appearance and hopefully others, as well as a proper Stateside debut. 

China Rats’ sound should bring to mind the classic, rough and tumble, three and four chord rock of the pre-fame Beatles, the Clash, the Ramones, and some of the bands that have been influenced by that sound – think of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, for example. Check out “To Be Like I,” from a band that I suspect will be blowing up the American blogosphere in 2013. I think once you’ll hear this track and others you’ll see why – it’s a breath of fresh air from the disco-influenced indie rock that has been popular over the last decade or so.