French producer, Jerome Ettinger has devoted his life and career to exploring, preserving, and spreading the sound of Egypt, since he had gone to the North African country to study the arghul, a clarinet-like double-pipe, single reed woodwind instrument. 

As a producer, Ettinger’s idea was to mix electronica, acoustic and traditional Egyptian music together, so he assembled several world class musicians, musicians who hadn’t been heard outside of their native Egypt to the larger world to form the Egyptian Project. The Egyptian Project’s debut album, Ya Amar was recently released by Six Degrees Records, and it manages to bridge both Western and Arab culture, ancient tradition and the modern world in a way that’s pretty interesting. “Santa Ana,” is a hypnotic-sounding track – but it has an otherworldly beauty, as well. I’ve listened to this track on a number of occasions and it makes me feel a deeper connection to Egypt and it’s people.