Happy 3rd Birthday — to the Joy of Violent Movement

I started this site three years ago today, and in the past three years I’ve had some amazing experiences that I’ll remember for the rest of my life – thanks in part to the work on this site. 

  • I remember the first time I covered a show and saw not just my name on the guestlist but the site’s name. I thought that was beyond cool. 
  • I think of the now-broken up band from Mexico City, the Oats who I had met at last year’s Northside Festival. After a set down at Otto’s, a couple of the guys told me of a party that one of their friends was throwing in Brooklyn – a friend that I had met briefly at another set. First, we had to stop at their place near the Bedford/Nostrand Avenue stop on the G, so they could drop their instruments. I had forgotten to go to the bank and the band was flat broke, so we wound up buying 40 ounces of something terrible and cheap – Miller Genuine Draft, i think. So we wind up  rolling to this woman’s house with the 40 ounces, looking all classy. I always thought that was hilarious. 
  • I was at a Summerstage show at East River Park, and apparently they had a larger and more exuberant crowd than expected. They had a photographer’s pit but with all of the extra people, security decided to let all of the credentialed photographers on stage. Being on the stage taking photos of a show is awesome but honestly, watching about 2,000 kids lose their shit is something that’s truly incredible. I remember feeling so amped up from that. 
  • Covering the Catalpa Festival last year was a particular highlight. Not only did I get to see some great acts – Snoop Dogg, Hercules and Love Affair, the Black Keys, and others. But the people there were such a pleasure to be around, and I had met some wonderful folks including a couple of friends. 
  • I can remember somehow managing to be backstage during Erykah Badu’s set that Afropunk Festival and running into a colleague, and it felt like i had started to make it, in some small way. (Her set was incredible by the way.)
  • I was covering the DFA 12th Anniversary Event at the Grand Prospect Hall. And when I walked in, I walked past Fred Armisen, who was just there. Later on, I was standing in the Media area, and I realized that I was standing next to nightlife personality Amanda Lepore. How very weird!
  • I’d have to say being at the Okayplayer Holiday Jam and watching the Roots acting as a backing band to William Hart of the Delfonics. That blew my mind. But then seeing the Roots pull up Q-Tip and Talib Kweli, so they could cover some of A Tribe Called Quest’s great songs. 
  • How about this? I was once at Brooklyn Bowl, and i was on the guest list to cover someone – I can’t remember who it was at this point. But I went up to the ticket booth, and the guy behind there said to me “You know, I should remember you. You’re always here and always on the guest list." 
  • I also met some great, talented, super knowlegeable kind folks – bloggers, photographers, publicists, record label folks, band managers, musicians and bands. And many of these folks have become very dear friends who have shown unwavering support and love. 

But more importantly, i don’t think three years would have been possible if it weren’t for you great readers who (hopefully) keep on coming back, and (hopefully) passing on the word to others. I don’t think any of that or this site would be possible without you.