Happy 4th Birthday!

Today marks an important day in The Joy of Violent Movement history. i started this site exactly four years ago today and what a wild ride it’s been. i’ve had experiences i never would have dreamt of; met a number of passionate, music-loving folks; covered a wild variety of music – both recorded and live; interviewed a number of interesting folks; and have seen this labor of love grow to have an increasingly international readership. (I never would have dreamt of that happening, and every day I receive an email from an artist overseas, it’s a mind-blowing experience.)

Obviously, I’ve put in a lot of late nights, as i manage this site with a full-time job but this wouldn’t been possible without the dedication and passion of the musicians I’ve covered; the PR folks and managers who work hard to promote their musicians and build up interest; and of course, without you dear readers, who come back to check out my thoughts, my eclectically curated music, photography, interviews and all of it. I have a sense that this year will be even bigger and better for JOVM and I hope that you’ll continue checking me out. And of course I hope that you’ll tell your friends, too.