If you know anything about New York’s experimental jazz scene, Sexmob will be a familiar name – and if you’re not you’ll soon to be familiar with them as they’ll be releasing their first full-length album in over seven years, Cinema, Circus and Spaghetti: Sexmob Play Fellini: The Music of Nino Rota. The new album, which will see a March 19th release through Royal Potato Family Records has the band re-imagining the seminal work of Nino Rota, the man who scored some of Federico Fellini’s seminal works. 

Recorded over the course of an afternoon in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn’s Brooklyn Recording, the band plays with Rota’s melodies, In “Volpina (Amacord),” the first single off the album, you’ll hear blasts of old time. swinging, New Orleans Dixieland brass before it turns into an acid tinged freak out with elements of funk. It’s typical of Sexmob’s sound, in the fact that it manages to play with and utterly defy genre conventions.