If you’ve been frequenting JOVM for the better part of the past year or so, you may have come across the electronic music act Du Tonc. Comprised of Matt Van Schie, best known for his work as the bassist, guitarist and founding member of the Sydney, Australia-based band Van She, and renowned, London UK-based producer, remixer, DJ and electronic music artist Mighty Mouse, best known for his work on tracks by Madonna, Gil Scott-Heron, Prince, Kate Bush and a popular reworking of ABBA, Du Tonc have been blowing up the blogosphere since the release of their debut single “Darkness” back in 2013. 

The duo spent the better part of last year writing, recording and putting together a live show for an extensive tour. Their previous single “Every Song” sounded as though it owed a debt to Daft Punk and Phoenix; in other words, a breezy, summery pop confection containing four-on-the-floor drumming, Nile Rodgers-styled funk guitar, sinuous bass lines, swirling background electronics and gently undulating synths paired with plaintive vocals. 

Van Schie and Mighty Mouse recently released a bold dance-floor reworking of the Pixies classic “Monkey Goes to Heaven” which pairs Frank Black’s bratty lyrics with a sinuous bass line, swirling electronics, a brief blast of shimmering reverb-y guitar, skittering synths and percussion, which gives a familiar and beloved song a totally different air and interpretation. In some way, it makes you envision what would happen if the Pixies had accidentally wound up in Berlin and put down their guitars for synths.