If you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the better part of the past year, you may be familiar with Lefti an electronic music artist and producer, who has blown up the blogosphere with a number of remixes including remixes of AVAN LAVA’s “Wanna Live,” Solidisco’s “Unreal” feat. Fireflowerz among others. And with each remix Lefti has developed a reputation for a sensual house music sound comprised of a deep and sinuous bass-driven groove and dense layers of shimmering cascading synths. 

The prolific producer and electronic music artist recently released a bold remix of Chicos’ “Hooked’” that will likely cement his reputation for a slickly produced sensual sound, as the remix is comprised of shimmering synths that give the song a subtle cosmic glow, a sinuous bass line, brief blasts of wailing guitar and hot flashes of cymbal paired with a soulful (and equally seductive) vocal sample.  Lefti’s remix of “Hooked” may be the sunniest and most buoyant track he’s released to date – while revealing a subtle amount of artistic growth as well.