Johanna Cranitch’s life story is in itself fascinating – the Australian born and New York-based artist grew up in an intensely musical family: her grandfather, a Hungarian jazz pianist had declared that she would musical as soon as she was born. Her father was a former priest-in-training who used to sing Gregorian chants … As a girl, Cranitch studied at the Kodaly School of Music, and when she had turned 9, she was performing with the Opera Australia Children’s Chorus. When she graduated high school, she studied jazz at Australia’s prestigious Australian Institute of Music where she graduated with honors, before she arrived in New York.

Working at the Nola Recording Studios, Cranitch began a rather prolific period of writing and recording – she wrote over 300 demos influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Wham! and others, which eventually became some of the first recordings of Johanna and the Dusty Floor. 

And although she won a great deal of accolades for her work with Johanna and the Dusty Floor, she found herself constantly morphing and changing as an artist, and White Prism is her newest artistic endeavor. “Lover ’s Dream,” Cranitch’s first single as White Prism is an ethereal and hauntingly pretty single that reminds me quite a bit of Kate Bush.