Kan Wakan, an up-and-coming Los Angeles, CA-based trio initially got their start as the  musical brainchild of composer, producer and multi-instrumentailst Gueorgui I. Linev. With the addition of vocalist Kristianne Bautista, and producer and guitarist Peter Potyondy, the project became a full-fledged band. “Space Owl” is the latest single from the band’s quickly anticipated debut full-length Moving On and the track manages to possess a gorgeously cinematic and orchestral instrumentation with Bautista’s effortlessly soulful vocals singing contemplative vocals. Some critics have compared Kan Wakan’s sound to Morcheeba and that’s quite flattering as the Los Angeles-based trio sound meshes jazz/pop with trip hop in a way that’s not just nuanced but elegant and sophisticated. But interestingly, their sound also reminds me quite a bit of Junip for the same reasons.