Kinder Machines is the third full-length album from Beaten By Them, a band who has members residing in San Francisco, NYC, and Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 2005, the band has quietly developed a reputation for creating music that manages to be both highly experimental and yet accessible – the band has gotten a lot of love from my alma mater’s radio station WNYU, among others. 

Kinder Machines was recorded live to analog tape in Sonoma, California, and if you’re an audiophile, like I am, you’ll probably say that analog has a richer, warmer sound than digital. And it manages to make the multilayered instrumentation sound more complex and playful (in my opinion). “Salvador Divinorum” is the latest single from their newest effort which will drop on October 16th and it sounds as though a particularly drunk Lou Reed channeling MIck Jagger, as though he were backed by a mariachi band. It’s odd and simultaneously pretty.