Kurt Vile and Robert Robinson were initially introduced to each other back in 2001 by a mutual friend because they have the same birthday – January 3, 1980. And by the next year, both Robinson and Vile had begun writing and recording songs together – material that had been unreleased for the better part of a decade. As many of you dear readers may know, the Philadelphia, PA-based Kurt Vile has become a rather celebrated songwriter in his own right, and his fifth album was recently released to international acclaim. Robinson, was a past member of the Violators, has toured with Ariel Pink and is more famously known for his solo work under the moniker Sore Eros. 

The EP the duo had worked on, Jamaica Plain takes it’s name from the suburban town of Jamaica Plain, located just outside of Boston, MA, where the track was recorded. Interestingly, Jamaica Plain was known as “the Eden of America” back in the 19th century; and if i’m not mistaken the town now, the town is more known as a kind of gentrified suburb. The track itself is an unhurried, seemingly meandering track begins with a finger picked melody on the acoustic track, before ending with buzzing electronics. Much like Mogwai, it has a painterly tendency in which layers upon layers are delicately placed on one another in an almost psychedelic fashion.