Little Life started out as a home recording that Josephine Foster started back in 2001, and was inspired by her work at the time as a music teacher. After rediscovering the work of folk musician Ella Jenkins, whom she loved as a child, Foster started using the ukelele in her teaching. In fact, many of the songs were written using the ukelele and with some overdubs as though she were playing behind an ensemble of small children. 

“Shay Shay” is the first single from the album, which will see a June 11th release through Fire Records, and the track has elements of old time delta blues, Tin Pan Alley and folk; it feels effortlessly timeless, as though it could have been recorded in 1922 or yesterday. 

Foster is touring to support both Little Life and the concept album, Blood Rushing, and it’ll include a stop here in the NYC area – June 13th at the ISSUE Project Room