Live Concert Photography: TheWhen at Piano’s 6/24/15

Live Concert Photography: TheWhen 


June 24, 2015

If you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the past few months, synth pop artist, songwriter and producer Matt Kourie may be familiar to you.  Kourie is a grizzled New York music scene veteran, as he’s contributed guitar and vocals in a number of NYC-based bands including the nu-metal band R22. His latest musical project, TheWhen manages to employ both his experience as a musician and his training in audio and film production to craft an extremely cinematic, yet 80s sounding synth pop sound that channels Giorgio Moroder’s early 80s soundtracks and of Umberto – but paired with vocals that give the material a deeply brooding feel, as though it were part of the soundtrack of a dsytopian sci-fi thriller.

Interestingly, Kourie’s first couple of releases, Cycles of Time and the recently released Layer Zero are part of a trilogy that follows the story of Alex Wonder, whose metamorphosis throughout the trilogy revolves around the protagonist finding his true self and acting on the potential to fulfill his destiny; in fact, the trilogy was written and conceived as a way to give listeners a creative and philosophical experience, but in the case of Layer Zero, as a way to showcase a much heavier, rock-based sound.

Last week, Kourie was at Piano’s performing material off Layer Zero for his EP release show. Check out a few photos from the show below.

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