Musings: Election Day 2022

Caption: The stakes in this election — and in every election — is high, as De La Soul says.

Today is Election Day here in the States. So to my fellow American friends, followers and readers, if you’re somehow still undecided and a registered voter, you need to research the politicians — from their positions to their voting records, if they’ve served in office already. In New York City, we have initiatives that will change our City Charter. There may be similar initiatives in your city or state, and you should check those out, too. The most important thing is that you vote with the understanding that politics is always local and personal; politics and economics impact every single aspect of your life, including:

  • Who you can marry
  • Who can take care of your estate
    Who can inherit your belongings
  • Who can make medical decisions for you if you’re incapacitated
  • Whether that new school is built — or if a prison is built instead
  • If your local sports team builds that new arena or stadium on public land. and who funds the project. Or if your town builds a new arena or stadium on public land, to steal another city’s team
  • What you can do with your body — and when
  • If you have a robust social safety net or not.
  • If your town has a robust public transportation network or not
  • What your school district teaches your children
  • And on and on

And all of these things go up and down both locally and federally. So if you’re registered to vote and you haven’t voted yet or think that it doesn’t matter much — well it really does matter. Deciding not to vote, is a vote for politicians, laws and policies that can fuck your life up and those of your loved ones for generations.

If you’re undecided, spend a few minutes researching the candidates, their ideas, and their voting records (if any) and vote with your conscience and your loved ones in mind. Here in New York State, we have another four hours or so to vote.

If you’re not registered, find out how you can register in your state. Federally, you can register to vote or change parties, every time you renew your state ID card or driver’s license.

Voting is the cool and absolutely necessary thing to do to ensure the future you and your loved ones want — and need.

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