Musings: Some Thoughts on my 41st Turn Around the Sun

Queens is the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in New York City and as a result, watching the news — both local and national — there’s a realization that things are really bleak. And although today is my birthday, it’s so very difficult to feel all that celebratory. How can you be happy when so many others are suffering, right? But I’ll tell you something: last year was also a weird year: my best friend had a stroke shortly after his 40th birthday and a few weeks before mine — and we had a mutual friend, who died suddenly last November. One day, he was on Facebook posting about some movie he had recently become enamored with and by the following afternoon, he had died, and people were posting about how they had missed him.

Sadly, I think of that mutual friend more in death than I ever did in life. I’ll feel badly about that for the rest of my life. Since I heard the news of his death, every single day, I’ve gotten up and said to myself, “I got up today and hopefully, I’ll get up tomorrow.” As cliched says as it may sound: every single day is a blessing.