Musings: There’s Always Music

Musings: There’s Always Music 

I was eating dinner and watching the national news on NBC Channel 4 and it was our daily reminder of how grim and uncertain our world has become during the COVID-19 pandemic. I couldn’t help but think of the fact that when I was a child and a teenager, that I turned to music, literature, art and sports when I was lonely and when the world was uncertain and uneasy. (All of that seemed to happen more often than I would have preferred — but such is life.)

As a recent Harvard Business Review article suggests, we’re all experiencing a collective sense of grief and fear. That’s expected — and it’s okay to feel that way. If you didn’t feel uncertain and uneasy during a pandemic, most people would wonder if you were some sort of sociopath.  So if JOVM can bring you a few moments of levity, a few moments of human connection in a grim and uncertain world, then I’m glad to be of some small service to you — and it gives me and my work a stronger sense of purpose.

In the foreseeable future, things will get much more dire. And as long as I’m able, I’ll be here and JOVM will be here for you. But we will get through this. Be safe everyone.