Named after their frontman, Orville Bateman Neely III, the OBN IIIs have won quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere as Neely has been described as a sort of punk rock Elvis in front of a band that burns and rips through melodic power-chord heavy garage rock. Although the band’s sound has been  to the likes of the Stooges, which is understandable, I have to admit that I hear more of Highway to Hell and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-era AC/DC but with lyrics sung with a Glenn Danzig-like baritone. In other words, the OBN III’s sound is a primal, swaggering, sleazy rock that should inspire you to dance, drink too much and fuck – without a care in the world. 

Castle Face Records, which was created by Thee Oh Sees’ John Dwyer, will be releasing a live set of material from the OBN IIIs as part of their Live in San Francisco series and the latest single “Off the Grid,” much like the the album’s first single “If The Shit Fits,” evokes what their live show is — raw, blistering, sweaty, passionate and absolutely carnal energy thanks to towering, scuzzy power chords and relentless drumming. If this one doesn’t make you jump. shout and enjoy the infinite now, then nothing will. 

and in some way owing a debt to old school soul and R&B as Neeley pleads with and commands both the band and his audience but with shrugging irony. Just by listening to this particular track there are two things that struck me as pretty obvious: that these boys kick ass and that their material is a helluva lot of fun.