New Audio: Caustic Casanova’s Sludgy, Ass-Kicking, New Single “The Forgiveness Machine”

Currently comprised of Stefanie Zaenker (drums, vocals), Francis Beringer (bass and lead vocals) and Andrew Yonki (guitars), the Washington, DC-based trio Caustic Casanova can trace their origins to when members met while students at The College of William and Mary. And with the release of their full-length debut effort, Imminent Eminence in 2008 the trio which featured guitarist, Michael Wollitz started to received attention for muscular, sludgy power chord-based roc. As the band started to receive national attention for their sophomore effort, Someday You Will Be Proven Correct — which, also resulted in a SXSW appearance — their original guitarist, Wollitz left the band.

Naturally, a lineup change involving a founding member leaves the remaining members at an usual spot, and with a number of difficult questions they have to ask themselves — including: What does it do to our legacy if we continue onward without that member, and do we have to change our sound and overall aesthetic to account for the loss of that member? What does it do to our legacy if we continue onward and recruit a new member? Should we even bother to continue? After some time, the remaining members of the band, Zaenker and Beringer decided that they should continue onward, and initially they experimented as a drum and bass duo before auditioning a number of locally-based guitarists.

Eventually, the band discovered their newest guitarist Andrew Yonki, who makes his first recorded appearance on the trio’s soon-to-be released, third full-length effort, Breaks, which is slated for a September 25 release through Retro Futurist Records and the album’s latest single “The Forgiveness Machine” will further cement the band’s reputation for sludgy, power chord and thundering drum-based rock that channels Melvins and others with a subtle psychedelic bent just under the murky surface. Simply put it’s a forceful, muscular scorcher of a song that twists and turns about while kicking ass and taking names.