New Audio: denitia and sene’s Denitia Odigie Teams Up With Up-and-Coming Australian Production Duo on Sultry, Electro Pop Single

Ravi Vithal is an up-and-coming Melbourne, Australia-based bedroom producer, best known as North Elements, who has began to develop a reputation across Australia for a creative approach that draws from his homeland’s vast beauty — and for a sound that aims to create a perfect aural compliment for those embracing their own awe of the elements that surround them. Already, some of his work has received more than 1.5 million streams. And although very little known about him, Wayfarer // is a Melbourne, Australia-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, who has developed a reputation for meshing dusty, old school soul samples with live instrumentation and synths, and for a sound that draws from J. Dilla and dubstep among others. The Australian producer’s debut single together “Break” can trace their origins to a more casual collaboration between producers, who mutually dug each other’s work and with a contribution from denitia and sene‘s Denitia Odigie. Sonically, the song pairs a production featuring chunky and blocky yet shimmering cascades of synths, finger snaps, stuttering drum programming, swirling electronics and an infectious hook with Odigie’s breathily sultry and coquettish vocals — and in some way, the song sounds as though it channels denitia and sene’s critically applauded work but with the sort of urgency that can come about when the world feels as though it’s about to end.

As Odigie explains in press notes “I’ve been feeling extra intense lately, and these days, the world feels like it’s constantly caving in… when I find something I really want, it feels fragile and urgent. The pressure and the need to live truly in the moment when nothing else is ever promised.. it’s beautiful and scary all at once.. To find someone to fall apart with, it’s good company.”