New Audio: Introducing the 80s-Inspired Sound of Melbourne, Australia’s Gold Class

Comprised of Adam Curley (vocals), Evan James Purdey (guitar), Jon Shub (bass) and Mark Hewitt (drums), Melbourne, Australia-based quartet Gold Class formed last year, and within a few months of their formation, they began to receive attention in their native Australia for a sound that draws from the angular post-punk sound of Fugazi, Jawbox, Gang of Four and Joy Division paired with Curley’s vibrato baritone vocals, which have been compared to both Morrissey/The Smiths and Glenn Danzig — although Curley’s voice quivers with an vulnerability that both of those comparisons didn’t always have. And as much as their sound and aesthetic draws from the 80s, as you’ll hear on “Furlong,” the latest single off the band’s soon-to-be released full-length debut, It’s You, the song deals with a remarkably modern conceit.

As the band’s Adam Curley explains in press notes, “It’s about always feeling as if you have to improve yourself, about misguided good intentions — having them and then fucking them up because you can’t stick to them.” And as a result, the song captures a particularly neurotic sensibility of painfully aware self-awareness coupled with crippling helplessness, self-defeating thinking and on another level, being proud of being a total fuck up — and accepting it.