New Audio: Red Traces’ Retro Futuristic, New Single “Adcom”

Much like VIRGO, Red Traces the solo recording project of Miami, FL-based musician, producer and electronic music artist Albert Ovadia has been written about a number of times on JOVM over the past year or so. With the Red Traces project, Ovadia has received attention for extremely cinematic and eerily futuristic soundscapes reminiscent of Umberto and Giorgio Moroder.

Ovadia’s latest single “Adcom” further cements his reputation for crating eerie sounds that draws from industrial electronica, 80s synth pop and goth — all while evoking the sounds of a post-apocalyptic future, as the song pairs undulating and buzzing synths with industrial clang and clatter, skittering percussion with Ovadia’s ethereally cooed vocals floating just above the mix. Interestingly, the song sonically speaking, sounds as though it owes a great debt to Depeche Mode — but with a retro futuristic sheen.