New Audio: VIMES’ Cosmic Remix and Reworking of Kat Vinter’s “Downtime”

Australian-born and currently Berlin based electro pop artist Kat Vinter has had a lengthy career as a musician in a number of bands in Sydney’s and New York’s indie scenes. Interestingly, Vinter can trace the origins of her solo writing and recording career to the winter of 2012. At the time, the Australian-born artist spent time hanging with Berlin’s local musicians and the area’s smoky bars and pulsing clubs to think of lyric and melody ideas. When Vinter met local producer Hannes Büscher and Norwegian poet Lalia Samuels, Vinter felt that her search for meaningful creative connections and collaborations were fulfilled – and Vinter began collaborating with Büscher and Samuels to write and record the dark, brooding and sensual material that comprised her debut effort, Islands, which was released earlier this year to praise and comparisons to Lykke Li and others. Although honestly, I think that Vinter’s sound channels the likes of up-and-coming contemporary artists including Chelsea Lankes, CAPPA and Phoebe Ryan, as each of those artists pair seductively cooed vocals with sparse, electronic production, while thematically all of their deals with isolation, desire, lust, and human relationships. 

“Downtime,” Islands’ latest single pairs beat-driven contemporary electro pop – in this case, skittering percussion, icily cascading synth stabs, swirling, atmospheric electronics and a glitchy vocal sample around the hook – with Vinter’s effortlessly seductively cooed vocals. At the very core of the song is a palpable sexual obsession, as the song’s narrator is pleading for her lover to spend just a little bit more time with her. 

Tomorrow will mark the release of the Islands Remixed EP, and the EP features remixes and collaborations with a number of up-and-coming producers and remixers, including VIMES, ADIOR, Johannes Brecht, Vivant, Michael Imperial and Wyoming. The first single off the EP is VIMES’ remix and reworking of “Downtime.” Interestingly, VIMES’ adds glistening synths and pushes the tempo up quite a bit while playing with the pitches of Vinter’s vocal sample both for a portion of the chorus and the song’s hook. VIMES’ remix gives a subtle cosmic glow to the proceedings while retaining the original’s sensuality and lushness and subtly nodding to Giorgio Moroder.