New Video: Introducing the Anthemic, Synth Pop Sound of STAL

Although he’s in his twenties, French multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, Pierre-Marie Maulini has already had an impressive musical career. After performing with his brother in A Red Season Shade, Maulini would eventually go on to write for and produce VV Brown and be a part of M83‘s live band following the Saturdays = Youth album.

After completing a world tour, Maulini returned to Paris in 2012 and was inspired to focus on his own music and began working on the material that would eventually turn into his solo recording project, STAL which interestingly enough bears a resemblance to M83, St. Lucia, Haerts and others — in other words, an anthemic, electro pop sound that meshes cinematic rock paired with plaintively sung, earnest lyrics.

Maulini’s debut effort, Young Hearts was self-produced and recorded in Paris and Brussels, and is slated for an October 23 release through Sony France, and the album’s latest single “Burning Desire” is comprised of layers of shimmering synths, propulsive drumming, deep low end, plaintive falsetto vocals and the sort of power chord-based, larger-than-life, anthemic hooks you’d expect to hear kids shouting along in a large arena. And much like material of M83, St. Lucia and Haerts, “Burning Desire” manages to walk a careful tight rope joyous wonder and melancholic loss, cinematic bombast and hushed intimacy, pop sensibility with prog rock ambition.

The recently released official video for “Burning Desire” follows a boy, with enormous dreams, who suffers from a rare, hereditary skin disease, xeroderma pigmentosa, which results in extreme sensitivity to sunlight. The boy builds a spaceship so that he can escape his disease and live what he hopes would be a normal, joyous and dream-filled life. If somehow you aren’t moved by the video, you must have a cold, cold heart.