New Video: Seapony’s Jangling, New Single “Couldn’t Be”

The Olympia, WAbased band Seapony received both national and international attention with the release of their first two full-length albums, Go With Me and Falling, and as a result the band wound up taking their sound based around the simple catchy melodies of shoegaze and surf rock on tours across the US, the UK, the EU and Japan. And as a result, the band, which was initially begun as a studio recording project became a live, touring band. Eventually the drum machine was replaced by Aaron Voros (drums) and the band which then-featured primary songwriter Danny Rowland, Ian Brewer (bass) and Jen Weidi (vocals and guitar) went through a gradual change in sonic direction, as their material began to posses a greater emphasis on live instrumentation.

In 2012, the band went on an unscheduled hiatus in which, they spent considerable time writing and recording material. Eventually, the quartet amassed enough material for their third full-length effort, A Vision, which was released last month. Interestingly, A Vision‘s first two singles “Saw The Light” and “Let Go”  reveals a refinement in their sound — both songs possess the simple, catchy melodies that first caught attention but they also posses a studio sheen, as the guitars chimed and shimmered in a way that’s reminiscent of Johnny Marr’s legendary work with The Smiths, paired with four-on-the-floor drumming. The album’s third and latest single “Couldn’t Be” consists of jangling guitar chords and four-on-the-floor like drumming paired with Weidi’s ethereal vocals, and the song may arguably be the most garage rock song on the entire album, as it actually sounds as though it could have been released on their first two albums.

Although sonically, “Couldn’t Be” ties together the sound of the Olympia, WA-based quartet’s first two albums with their most current album, thematically the song despite seeming like a breezy summertime track, actually has a melancholy wistfulness towards relationships and affairs of the heart. In this particular song, the narrator is sadly forced to admit that a relationship she was in, just wasn’t anything she really wanted or needed — and there’s a subtle ache over the fact that time was wasted over a relationship that was unfulfilling when there could have been something better.

The recently released official video, produced by Michael J.S. Murphy follows the band’s frontperson Jen Wiedi as she goes to a fortune teller, in order to find out what her future was. Interestingly, the video features a cameo by labelmate Colleen Green, who stars as the video’s fortune teller and it features some awesome surf boarding and guitar playing — simultaneously.